Maximising your profits, minimising your risk

End-to-End Solution

Our in-house Development Team has completed countless successful projects, working on everything from small subdivisions through to multi-million dollar residential and commercial projects.

Once engaged, our team will handle every aspect on your behalf. We conduct in-depth site development due diligence to enable informed development decisions, including preliminary feasibility studies complete with time and cost contingencies.

Our full development proposal reports include development research and investigation, providing our clients with critical information for optimal development outcomes, including:

• Profit forecasts,
• Supply and demand variables
• Dwelling mix modelling.

Our team will manage your development concept and design teaming with our network of experienced surveyors and designers. Through the application phase we will tender and negotiate construction contracts and pricing with your best interests in mind. Throughout the construction phase, we provide regular project development updates to keep you informed.

We work with our network of sales and leasing agents throughout the process, both to ensure your development meets demographic demand expectations and to reduce both sale and leasing vacancy times upon completion.

Capital Property Advisory uses our extensive local knowledge to unlock equity in your portfolio and achieve outstanding results.