Our Professional Conduct

Raising the professional standards of all operators in property investment

Who is PIPA & what is a QPIA?

For many years, the property investment industry has remained unregulated, allowing for non-independent advisers to operate.

Capital Property Advisory believes that a truly independent property adviser must always be fee-for-service, never accept incentives from any conflicting third parties (i.e. builders, developers) and should take into account each client's unique personal circumstances and desired outcomes.

In recent years a group of property investment industry practitioners came together to form Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), with the objective of raising the industry’s professional standards.

By developing codes of ethics and conduct, and professional standards of accreditation and education, PIPA members demonstrate to the investing public, government, regulators, the media and other stakeholders within the property investment industry their commitment to excellence.

Capital Property Advisory is proud to be a corporate member of PIPA. PIPA has developed a property investment adviser accreditation course which is industry relevant for today's advisers. To be recognised as a Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®), the adviser must have completed the accreditation course and be a member of PIPA, as well as commit to a code of conduct.