Asset Manager

Anneka joins the team with over a decade of experience in property management since moving to Australia from England. Anneka first lived in regional Victoria where she managed a broad range of properties from farms, houses and short term rentals. She then moved to Perth in 2012 where she specialised in apartments and has remained within this sector for the past seven years.

With extensive experience in strata management, Anneka has developed her knowledge in this field and works very closely with strata managers on a day to day basis, affording her a great understanding of strata plans, by-laws, budgets and day to day operations - a fantastic attribute for our development clients.

With extensive experience working with both property developers as well as Australian and international investors, Anneka is highly skilled in guiding businesses and owners through the leasing process with ease.

In addition to her professional experience, Anneka is also an investor with a successful portfolio she has built over many years. As a landlord herself, she is very well placed to ensure your property is managed to the highest standard and the best return on investment is always being achieved.

To speak to Anneka today, email or phone 08 9323 0000