Monthly Archives: April 2020

Have you considered using a REIWA buyer’s agent?

Whether you’re looking for your first house, an investment property or a new home to suit your growing family, it can be challenging to navigate the Perth market and the buying and selling process alone.

How to move house during COVID-19

Moving house is one of life’s most tedious tasks and doing it during a health pandemic, when we are being advised to stay at home, doesn’t make it easier. 

Prime Minister pivots to an early exit

Australia’s pragmatic Prime Minister Scott Morrison has, unsurprisingly, pivoted to the possibility of an early release from the lockdown, which if prolonged indefinitely would push the country into an extreme depression with far greater human costs than the capricious coronavirus.

Australia may have passed infection peak

As we move through the eye of the coronavirus storm, two key events will be turning points for markets. The first is when the rate of increase in the number of new infections and deaths in larger economies starts to noticeably decline, signalling that containment strategies are doing their job.

Investors hope historical form guides COVID-19 recovery

While circumstances change and these times are unique, the market will bounce back; always has, always will – the only question is timing.
This too shall pass: are they just comforting words referencing the cyclical nature of markets and history, or a wishful sentiment in a new age of raging fear and financial gloom?