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Consumers Vulnerable to Real Estate ‘Double Agents’

the urban developer   |   13/06/2018    Growing concern consumers are increasingly vulnerable to conflicts of interest due to major selling agencies opening “buyer’s agency” services, has been voiced by leading industry heads.   The concern comes after major real estate brands have launched their own dedicated buyer advisory division, which the Real Estate Buyers Agents […]

Perth’s Best Buyers Agent

Who is the best Buyer’s Agent in Perth?   In fact, what makes a great Buyer’s Agent?   Whilst not as commonly used in Western Australia as they are in the Eastern States and overseas, the popularity of Buyers’ Agents has grown considerably in recent years.   Savvy investors and time-poor home buyers are slowly […]

Benefits of using a buyer’s agent vs DIY investment

Article by: Matthew Hughes, Founder & Managing Director of Capital Property Advisory Investing in property can be an incredibly overwhelming, time-consuming and stressful process, especially if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Perth’s property market. This is why savvy property investors and home buyers are increasingly turning to the third-party advice of a professional buyer’s agent. […]