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QPIA approved

As corporate member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia, Capital Property Advisory employs only Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA®) to guide a valued client's investment path.

Independent and unbiased

An independent property adviser should always be fee-for-service, never be trying to sell any particular property or property type and should take into account each client's unique personal circumstances and desired outcomes.

Expertly trained

Our team is expertly​ trained to analyse your personal situation, risk profile and goals prior to making any recommendations on future action.

Hands-on approach

Once your path has been created our team will guide you through every step, applying a very “hands on” approach to assisting your growth whilst helping you responsibly manage your risk and cash-flow along the way.

Finance solutions

Our various finance partners will collaborate with your QPIA® adviser to create a holistic strategy, responsibly assessing your ability to obtain and maintain the necessary lending to achieve your lifestyle or investment goals. As a big part of our initial planning and regular review process, your finance broker is and will be an essential part of your ongoing success. Understanding your long-term

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SMSF advice

When it comes to identifying whether investing in your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is the right move for you, our team will always engage with a qualified and licensed Financial Adviser. Collaborating with the right people allows us to obtain an expertly prepared brief to ensure our acquisitions team locates the ideal property for your retirement future.

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Settlement services

As our team guides you through your acquisition process we will eventually require the services of an experienced and licensed settlement agent. We have partnered with Shane Jacob Settlements for many years and found their professional advice and efficiency to be a valuable component of our process.

Licensed by the Department of Commerce and a qualified Certified Practising Settlement Agent by the Australian Institute of Conveyancing, the team at Shane Jacob Settlements are our preferred partner for all conveyancing matters.

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Surveying services and development consultancy

Capital Property Advisory partners with Vision Surveys Consulting who specialise in generating surveys for rural and residential developments. Providing a full range of survey information and liaising with the relevant officials, together we will assist you with planning and executing your subdivision or building project from the outset through to completion.

The team at Vision Surveys Consulting is also engaged on all Capital Property Advisory client acquisitions that have potential for future subdivision or development, providing expert advice and helping to mitigate risk throughout what can sometimes be a daunting and risky process.

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Tax depreciation schedules

A tax depreciation schedule helps investors generate additional wealth by increasing your tax returns. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows you to claim depreciation as a deduction in your tax return so you will pay less tax. It forms a significant part of any successful investment strategy but is often missed by property investors. 

Capital Property Advisory partners closely with the team at Asset Reports to ensure our clients maximise their claim each and every year.

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